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Training Sessions

Looking to schedule individual or small group soccer training sessions with an experienced coach? Messner Athletics can provide soccer training in Seymour and surrounding areas.

Messner Athletics Individual/Small Group Training Session Rates

 1 hour2 hours4 hours

6 hours

1 player$50$90$160$210
2 players$70$120$200$260
3 players$90$150$240$300
4 players$100$180$320$400
5-8 players$110$200$350$440


Individual/Small group training sessions can be broken into 1, 1.5, or 2 hour increments (i.e. If you purchase 6 hours, you can split it up into 6, 4, or 3 different training dates). However, we strongly recommend 1 hour sessions: Experience and data suggests that athletes will improve more in six 1-hour sessions compared to three 2-hour sessions. For greatest improvement, schedule 6 or more training sessions; train once per week with coach Drew and three times per week on your own (15 minute ball control or skill exercises in your back yard) – plus, you get the best hourly rate when you book 6 hours of training.

Schedule your training sessions with Coach Drew Morrissey: