Messner Athletics was founded by Brock Messner in December of 2013.  Brock started Messner Athletics LLC primarily as a soccer footwear and equipment store but he quickly expanded into jerseys, uniforms, and all types of apparel.  Now in addition to soccer gear and team apparel, Messner Athletics specializes in providing businesses, groups, and organizations with custom apparel, bags, hats, and more. We even offer signs, car decals, promotional items, and more. 

Messner Athletics can help with all of your apparel needs.  Here are some of the things that separate us from the rest of the apparel stores:

  • Whether you are looking for embroidery, screen prints, or vinyl decoration, we can help with all apparel designs at a great price – we don’t have a ton of overhead (a large staff, expensive rent or utility costs, etc.) so we don’t have to charge you for anything other than the product you are purchasing.
  • We can build you your own online ordering page so your group or team can place orders and pay online without you having to worry about collecting payments and order forms.
  • We can turn an apparel sale into a fundraiser for your team, group, or organization.
  • Almost all orders are finished within 2 weeks or less.
  • Great customer service is our top priority  – We want to earn your trust and respect so we work hard to give you a great quality product and we do whatever it takes to fix mistakes if they occur.
  • We can use an existing design or build you your own personal design or logo for free (as long as you order from us).