Welcome Diadora, to Messner Athletics

IMAG0002Messner Athletics is now carrying Diadora soccer footwear and equipment!

Diadora has been in the soccer industry since the 1970’s, and manufacturing quality soccer products has been one of their top priorities ever since. Diadora’s innovation, technology, comfort, and durability have made them one of the top three soccer brands in America!


DD-NA 2 GLX 14Diadora products are loaded with technology to make them faster, lighter, more comfotbable, safer, and more effective.  One of the most notable improvements is in Diadora’s NET Breathing System.  This system is a synthetic fiber net at the sole of the shoe that provides ventilation for the shoe to breathe without letting water or mud in.  The NET Breathing System enhances performance by increasing endurance, concentration, and precision!


IMG_0698Diadora holds their leather to the highest standards.  The Maracana RTX 12 features ultra-soft, water resistant, kangaroo leather.  This kangaroo leather is the softest, most comfortable leather you will find on the market. These shoes are broken in right out of the box.  To top it off they are treated with Touch Control technology to optimize feel and ball control.


IMG_0696The Cambio system allows players to change their style every game.  The molded PU upper is clear so the interchangeable liners completely change the look of the shoe.  2 sets of laces and liner inserts are included so you can purchase  4 boots in 1!  All of this style comes without any sacrifice in performance: the Cambio MD PU is a durable shoe with  texture and molded ridges for enhanced control.

Complete Package

IMG_0711Diadora carries everything from footwear to apparel and equipment to training gear.  Diadora is a consistent and powerful brand in soccer everywhere and Messner Athletics is proud to have them on board!

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