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Messner athletics is here!  We are currently working on bringing in the best brands available for soccer footwear.  We will specialize in providing quality footwear to local teams around Green Bay and the rest of Wisconsin.

Are you just getting into the sport and looking for the cheapest shoes available? If this is the case, we are NOT the company for you.  We work hard to deliver premium footwear at an affordable price.  We will strive to give our customers the greatest value around and we know that entry level shoes aren’t going to cut it.

We have a couple huge advantages that allow us to provide quality footwear at an affordable price:

1.  We are extremely lean!  We don’t pay for a huge store, tons of employees, or vast amounts of inventory.  All of that savings gets passed right down to you. You’ll find unbeatable prices at Messner Athletics!

2.  We specialize in group discounts!  Every soccer team has about 16 players and many of them will buy new shoes at the beginning of a season.  Don’t you think that if one entity was going to purchase 16 pairs of shoes, they should get a good discount?  YES!!! So do we! At Messner Athletics, we make this possible.  Each team member still gets to pick out whatever shoe they like – And everyone on the team gets a great discount!  Contact us by phone or email for more information on how much you can save with group discounts! 

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Bob Lange says March 23, 2014

Good luck with your new venture, it sounds exciting!

    brock says March 23, 2014

    Thank you! I am really excited about it. I’m just starting to bring in some merchandise. Should be up and running in the next couple weeks!

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